Performer should execute immediately after dispatcher completes without using start job activity in dispatcher

Anyone help me on this.

I have scheduled dispatcher and performer process with static interval for performer 15 mins.
Sometimes dispatcher process ends in 5 mins and sometimes in 10mins and more than 15 mins also ( here performer will go in pending state)
I want to know is there any way to schedule performer process as soon as dispatcher process completed in orchestrator. this should be done in orachestrator NOT on UiPath studio using start job activity.
is there any way to achieve this?


Hi @sankaran.33
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Add queue trigger for your performer process.whenever new queue item add to queue ( during dispatcher) the performer runs

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I want to start executing performer process only after all items were added to queue by dispatcher not immediately one item to queue as there might be 100+ items sometimes.


Hi @sankaran.33 ,

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i assume in our case we are using one bot for both dispatcher and performer so i know queue triggers will trigger performer when we got new item in the queue.
but we could use queue trigger to enable the performer for suppose if we have 100 items to be extracted and adding in the queue as dispatcher job whenever the first item inserted in the performer Queue so queue trigger enable the performer job but it will be in pending state since dispatcher flow will run to compete all the 100 records. But orchestrator can create two pending jobs for the performer job so whenever the dispatcher completed the execution the performer would execute the work flow since we have already got pending jobs triggered by Queue trigger.

please give a thought on the above suggestion. may i know why you are hesitate to use the start job activity of api to initiate the trigger performer to run the h=job after dispatcher. Start job activity is one time process we should include in the end of the dispatcher work flow and deploying the process in orchestrator. thanks.


Hi, Thanks for your thoughts.
I dont want 100 of queue items go in pending state due to incomplete of dispatcher.
Im good to use Start job activity in dispatcher but the problem is i want to know whether performer will run even dispatcher process didnt run any case become faulted as i have send email for no new data in queue on the performer process.
So execution of performer process should not stop.


Hi @sankaran.33 ,

if you are ok to use the start job activity in dispatcher work flow i think you should use this activity in the end of the process so that irrespective of we get exception or not the start job activity will trigger to make sure that performer process will execute after the dispatcher job finished. give it a thought. thanks .

Refer queue based trigger
About Triggers (