Start job activity - assistant

I’m looking to start a job as soon as another job ends.
For this i’ve discovered the start job activity.
When i run it from studio, it’s required to be from the right environment in order for the process to be found. If the primary job is run from the assistant, it won’t find the second job i want activated. How do i ensure that it’s able to find the job from the assistant aswell?

Do you mean without connecting to orchestrator you need to start the job from the assistant itself?

start job triggers a new job in the orchestrator , so if you have more bots available at that time which are not running anything then they will start the process, else the job stays in a pending state until there is a free bot

you can try using the start process activity, this will run the flow in the same bot in which it is called from, if you had previously run the called flow at least once in your bot then this way may work even without orchestrator download

Thank you, this helped me :slight_smile:

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