Start bot by date

Hello Community,

Can anyone help me out with the following? I am building a process where I want my bot to start a process if the date within my queue item is today and run it for the next 30 days. For example if it sees todays date (06/02/2020) it will execute further activities and will also do this for the next 30 days from the date it started. Does that make sense? How best would I build this?

Below is a list of dates it will read


so according to your query . you want if a date is present in the queue item then activities gets executed and same will be executed for next 30 days after that perticular date?

Yes exactly


Hi, did you try to get the dates from excel file, than filter the data after that use an IF?

Yes I do get the dates from excel but I need an IF to tell the bot to process that item or not

@Bob2 Ok, so what’s your issue ? Why don’t you use IF ?

The is how would I write an IF statement to say - If date matches today’s date run and run for the next 30 days after that specific date

@Bob2 I see what you mean, once the date found the robot must run each day for the 30 next days right ?

When should it stop ? And is it 30 days not 29, 28 or 31 like days on the month ?

I think the best way i that you use triggers on orchestrator and parameters when uploading the robot…

Yes exactly it should always be 30 days from the start date (which will be static). I have thought about the orchestrator but I don’t think I could put that logic in there. There will be many different start dates which will need to be dynamic. So the bot will need to take the date and then know if it should run or not

@Bob2 Yes i got what you mean

I think using triggers and orchestrator is the best way. Check out this link, it will help you unterstand.