Triggering Bot

Hie guys. How can i trigger a bot to start doing certain processes. For example when an insert has been done in the database.

Hi @Tapiwa,

The way I would do it, is schedule a robot in Orchestrator that checks and compares every minute or so if the info has changed and if so then start the process.

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withought the orchestrator will it work… because i dont have Orchestrator

Depending on your set up you have a couple options.

If you don’t have orchestrator you can have your bot always running and use some loop where it checks your database and only moves out of the loop once an insert has been detected.

With Orchestrator you can have a scheduled process in which a robot enters detects if an item has been inserted and then update the orchestrator queue to have this item. Then a perfomer process can initiate and act on the item

You get 2 robots for free with your community edition license. If by some reason you can’t access Orchestrator due to work restrictions or something them you will just have to keep your Uipath Studio running for ever.