How to schedule bot randomly

Hi everyone,

I have a doubt in Orchestrator. My question is

I have a excel sheet in that i will be having bot scheduling timing from 1st to 30th day. I need to schedule my bot based that timings.

Ex: 01/07/2022 — 1:00 PM
02/07/2022 — 5:50 PM
03/07/2022 — 4:30 AM

bot need to read date and Time if it matches today date it need to schedule on given time.

Can anyone tell me how we can do this.

For that you should use Cron Expression
you can go through it
Using Cron Expressions (

Hi @Rounak_Kumar1 i want this to be automated. Bot need to read date and time from excel and it should run on that specified time.

Hello @Rana_Reddy

As per my understanding there are no such functionalities availabke to read the excel and to dynamically schedule the job based on the value in the excel.

Can you explain why you are tryi g yo dynamically allocate the schedule for eqch day??

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan as of now i’m not using this in any of my processes but my manager asked me to check on this, that we can schedule bot randomly or not by using excel as input.