Start a job and Get a reference - Machine Name Selection

Hi Team,

I need a start a job from the workflow. But I am using a “start a job and get a reference” activity.

I can find only process and job arguments as input properties.

How can I give the specific machine to run this job?

Harish Gnanakumar.

To get the jobs/reference, try using the Get Jobs activity.

Thanks for the response Rahul.

Get jobs activity → Only gives the list of jobs ran . It is not giving any reference of the particular job.

Even though if I get the reference , how should I change my machine

maybe you can elaborate more on your use case. Had you also checkout the Orchestrator Rest API for starting a Job?

Thanks Peter for your response.

Use case :

I have a main process. I have scheduled it. After the process moving to stage 2. I need to trigger another process to get the input files needed for stage2. Main process will wait to stage 2 process to complete and resume again.

I have tried “Start a job and get a reference” activity. There I can mention only process name. I have to run in specific machine. There is no property to mention it.

As you suggested, I will try to implement it using orchestrator https request.

Harish Gnanakumar.