Start job and get reference, run parallel process in one workflow vs licencing

I have workflow using Start Job and Get Reference activity (where I need to wait for outcome of the sub-process) and also Run Parallel process activity (where I need to start multiple processes and not wait).

I run the workflow in shared folder in community edition orchestrator.


  • when I run it from Assistant, the process gets allocated attended license, and the process stalls in resumed state after the Start Job and Get Reference, with pending allocation. Cannot move any further by varying licences allocation rules (i.e. create attended/ not create attended).

  • when I do not create attended license and run from Assistant (i.e. on unattended bot), it gets past the Start Job and Get Reference fine but when reaching the Parallel Process, it fires error “cannot start parallel process from unattended job.”

When I run it from studio, the process gets continued manually after Start Job and Get Reference, which is not applicable in the Assistant apparently.

Is there a solution to this conundrum or a workaround? I could not figure it out.