Start Job And Get Reference

Hi I set all the permissions correcty for Start Job And Get Reference activity to run. Whenever I run the robot as packageName_environment set for Procss Name, it shows the following error:

`Start Job And Get Reference: An invalid result was encountered for parameter ‘ProcessName’

Interesting thing is that I tested the Process Name field only with the process name which I’ve earlier created and it works without any issues. Does Start Job And Get Reference actually create a new process everytime it’s being called or is it supposed to use the already-created prcoess? Or getting back to the error, what did I do wrong?

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Hi atoi,

Did you find any solution for this issue?
I am getting the same error and I don’t what I am doing wrong.

Thank you.

No not yet. Currently, in my scenario I created duplicate processes for different users that I wanted to create jobs for.

Hi atoi,

I think I found the issue.
In my workflow I was using the name: QuotationsApproval_InsertInApprovalSystem
so in the field “Process Name” I was filling: QuotationsApproval_InsertInApprovalSystem_Environment

When I changed the name of workflow to QuotationsApprovalInsertInApprovalSystem (without an underscore in the middle of the name) and in the field “Process Name” filled QuotationsApprovalInsertInApprovalSystem _Environment worked like a charm.

So in my case the underscore character in the process name was causing the issue.

I hope it is going to help you :slight_smile:

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Look if you set the value of Orchestrator Folder Path in Start Job And Get Reference Activity. Ir you are using Default folder, please set this property to “Default”.