How to Start a job using Start Job activity

I used the Start job activity to start a job in UiPath Orchestratorr. But when I run the workflow. Getting this exception Sequence contains no matching element. Why?

This is because you didn’t set the right environment. In the user guide it is specified that in the ProcessName you have to set The name of the process you want to execute, in the packageName_environment format.


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@ovi How can I start particular bots?
Eg. I have Bot1,Bot2…Bot10.I am using Bot1 to do some operation once it is done it should start Bot2,Bot3 and Bot4 not any more even if they are available. In the Start Job activity I see only Number of Robots option , there is no option to mention the Bot names. Could you please help me on this.

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I’m just starting to explore this. Did you get a response back?

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Yes I am able to start the bots. You have to use HTTP request to get it done. Follow the APIs

2)Get the Bot IDs
3)Get release key
4)Start the jobs

Thanks very much. I am going to look at this next week.

I’m running into issues. I’ve built a process with all 4 items as you stated. But i can’t get the GetBots and StartJob is not working.


Any thoughts.

VKL-I don’t know if you have any thoughts on this or not. I’m still having an issue with the Error 400 and I understand it means bad data.

So in my ReadText file I do have the Release Key on the job I want to start and I also put the Robot ID that has the right set up. The one question I have when i write the results on the Robots it says Id not RobotIds. So in the text tile I did change it to Id. I’ve ran both ways and it is still not working.

Thanks for any assistance.