Sql Express server with Orchestrator

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I am trying to understand the difference between SQL Express vs SQL Standard/Enterprise Orchestrator. The UiPath Orchestrator page mentions that Standard and Enterprise are supported; I’ve seen mixed posts on the forums alluding to Express being used in previous versions of Orchestrator.

I am wondering if Express would work in a limited capacity, or if it’s wholly incompatible now.
I wish to run a Proof of Concept process automation using just one bot, and the process doesn’t seem to be SQL heavy. In this scenario, would it be feasible to install SQL Express to work with Orchestrator?

Apologies if the questions are vague; I’m quite new to Orchestrator and networking. Thanks!

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Hi @santhoshsaravanan91,

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Sql Express is light weight and you can work with out database operations. I am also using sql express with latest version of Orchestrator and no issues with express edition and latest Orchestrator.

@If you want perform database activities you need some standard/Enterprise

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Hello @santhoshsaravanan91,

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SQL Express / Standard / Enterprise are the licensing types for SQL DB. Yes, there is considerable downside when using SQL Express like you have a DB with a max size of 10 GB ! (This is just one example). You can find some helpful info here.

Now comming to UiPath Support for SQL Express. Yes, it’s fully supported.

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Hi @santhoshsaravanan91
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For your question about SQL express , Yes it is.
And refer below the 2 links , you will be get the full of idea about the comparison