SQL express is compatible to install orchestrator?


we have to install orchestrator on our vm , for that SQL epress free edition is compatible or not ?
Can you please confirm me on same.


No, It’s not recommended, check the requirements as below for your reference

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Ok i will check

Just for information purpose : - Microsoft SQL for Orchestrator - #4 by Lakshay_Verma

ok, i will check this.

Actually We need to do a small POC to trigger a job from one Ticketing tool to Orchestrator (Queue).
To do this small POC, can we use SQL Express free version? Is it compatible with Orchestrator.
@satomix as she said in the post which you shared.
Once POC turns successful, plan to go for SQL license version (2019).
please confirm @Lakshay_Verma @ksrinu070184 @satomix