Split PDF based on Tenant Id which is spread over several pages

Hi All,
I have a Tenant details PDF file which is more than 500 pages. The PDF file has header in every page which shows Tenant Id on every page. One Tenant’s record is spread over multiple pages. I need to split the pdf file based on each Tenant Id.

[Eg : Tenant 1 has data on first 7 pages; Tenant 2 from 8 to 19 … ; so my first pdf file after split should contain page 1 to 7; second should contain 8 to 19… and so on].
I am able to fetch Tenant Id using Regex but not able to use it further to split.
The file name after split should be Tenant id.

Any help or Xaml will be appreciated

Hi, I have the same issue. Did you solve your problem? Can you share your solution, please?

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Need this assistance as well.
Please share if there is a solution for this.

Hi Mirela, Sorry for the delayed response. I could find any proper solution for the same so used PDF Splitter. This was one time for me, so it worked.

Hi, thanks a lot. PDF Splitter split the pages by using a specific interval but how can I put a specific split by using an element inside the page? page 1 contains id 01, page 2 contains id 02 and so on and how can I split by using an element from the page and not the no of pages? Is there any other option?

It looks like there is a common value for each tenant, the key-words ‘Resident Code:’.

In this case you can go with a simple read pdf text actvity to read the entire document. (assuming the 500 pages fit in one string).
If you split the string like this:

MyTenants[] = split(MyPDFtext, "Resident Code")
It should split the document string into chunks per resident.

This will of course only work if the term resident code is non existent in the document other than in the page footers.