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Hello team ,
I have attached sample PDF which we will be receiving for our process , In this sample file we have three employee details which I want to split three single pdf with file name e.g Employee ID_Action type.pdf . Main challenge in doing this automation is for some employee it will have 1 page details and in some case we will have information upto second page , so we want to slice the employee details into single PDF accordingly to details available for the employee in source PDF.

Can we split this pdf’s based on page number ? any suggestions ?

Can use regex concept to get employee id and Action Type to save file name for each employee details

Kindly let me know if anyone has solutions for this automation.

please use Page 1.pdf for reference .

Page 1.pdf (80.6 KB)


  1. First get the pdf page count
  2. Use a for loop on with Enumerable.Range(1,PageCount).ToArray
  3. Now create a variable startindex of integer type and initialize with 0
  4. Use read pdf with page to read as currentItem
  5. Using regex check if the current page has Employee ID key word in it …this is the condition in if
  6. If yes then check if startindex is 0 …do nothing and on else side use extract pdf and give range as startIndex.ToString + "-" + (currentItem-1).ToString…here give the name as you need
  7. After the inner if condition(Step 6) use a ssign activity and assign startindex = currentItem
  8. Else side (Step5) do nothing

Hope this helps


Hi @Anil_G thanks for sharing above steps ,if possible can you please sample workflow of yours it will be helpful .


check the sample logic…regex and all needs to be filled as you need…also filenames to be filled as needed

BlankProcess - Copy (7).zip (5.6 KB)


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