Split PDF based on Quantity of pages for each using a name identifier

Originally this PDF was to only have 1 page per person, that requirement has changed, so now I’m sort of stuck because I need to split the PDF based on pages per person. There is nothing like page 1 to identify the document the only unique identifier is the name. Here is my current work flow to split the PDF. The counter part is not relevant anymore.

In the PDF the name appears in the 2nd line so that is the only identifier I have that is unique in each pdf. So I’m not sure how to get that name and use it as a process to create the PDF’s based on if the name matches, was thinking of using a matches but not sure.


In order to use Matches (aka Regex) you need a consistent pattern within the text.

Can you read the PDF into string and de-identify the result and share?

We can then try to assist with extracting the name. This could then be used a second workflow to split the PDF.



Yeah I have one workflow that will split the PDF but doesn’t know how to split based on pages but the PDF is in bookmarks, if there is a way to split the PDF by bookmarks using uipath that would be ideal?

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