Specifying Tenant on publishing studio to Orchestrator

How do I specify the tenant when I’m publishing a package direct from studio. It seems to go to the default tenant.

Hi @chrisspring,
Studio by default is installing with Robot. Connecting robot to specific Orchestrator tenant will make Studio publish project to that tenant. Just connect robot to other tenant :wink:

Not sure I understand the answer. We have two teams using different tenants on the same orchestrator and we want to configure their copies of studio to publish to the correct tenant

For each orchestrator tenant you are defining computer and it’s machine key. When connecting robot with use of this machine key the Studio will publish project to this tenant with which robot is connected.

Ah ok I see the confusion. Ok so we have to register a robot with Orchestrator in order to publish a package directly. We have been working standalone without Orchestrator so only have our local robot until we need to test it in UAT.

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You can also publish package manually of course. To do so please check here:

Hi , Is this issue resolved ? We are also facing the same issue .We have specified the tenant in the deploy package ,but still the package is getting published in the default tenant of Orchestra tor