How to distinguish between tenants when publishing


We have just started using tenants, so we now have a Development tenant, Pre-production and Production tenant.

But in order to publish the process to the different tenants (for example, when going from development to test in pre-production), you have to update the Orchestrator Settings in the Uipath robot and define which Orchestrator URL to connect to. The tenants all reside on the same server (Orchestrator URL), so how do we distinguish between tenants when publishing?

Obviously, we can connect to the tenant we want by entering the Machine Key of the specific machine you’re on, and it works fine doing that manually. But this means you have to go to Orchestrator and look up the specific Machine key for the specific tenant, and enter it, because UiRobot only remembers the latest used Machine Key for a given Orchestrator URL.

Has anybody found any solutions to this? Is it maybe somehow possible to enter the tenant name in the URL? I have tried different methods but to no avail.

Thank you very much in advance!




I don’t think that is possible as of now. It’s a nice suggestion though, I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.


Thank you for your reply. I really hope a solution will be implemented soon because it definitely makes working with tenants tedious. This (and other problems with using tenants) are actually making me rethink whether we should be using them at all or just go back to having three different servers…

Could you explain a bit what your setup looks like? It would be nice for our team to be able to understand your need based on how you use the robots with Orchestrator? :slight_smile:

I will try to explain our setup :slight_smile:

We have one Orchestrator server, with three tenants, DEV, Pre-PROD and PROD.

We develop the processes on a virtual desktop (VDI). Each process has its own VDI’s (usually two each).

So say I am developing a process on a given VDI. During development I have the VDI connected to the DEV tenant, where all the necessary assets and queue are. When all is ready to test in pre-prod, I want to stay on the VDI, but connect to the Pre-PROD tenant to test if all assets have been copied there flawlessly by our AssetCopyRobot and if any other changes are needed before the process can run without error on another tenant. When everything goes well, we copy all settings to the PROD tenant, and connect the VDI to the PROD tenant, publish, and run in production.

So in this development process we need to connect to all three tenants from one VDI. But we cannot in any way define to which tenant we want to connect, so we need to manually go find the machine key for the VDI for each of the tenants everytime. Then based on the machine key, orchestrator knows which tenant to connect to, but it is not stated anywhere. So we cannot see (by looking at the UiRobot) which tenant we are connected to.

We have a few other issues with tenants (for example that you cannot have two different Orchestrator tenants running on two different tabs in a browser), but the above is definitely the main issue.

We hope to get a solution soon :slight_smile:

Thank you and have a nice weekend!

Thank you for extra insights!

I would suggest you to contact our technical support on top of me simply adding your idea to our ideas tracker :slight_smile:

First, they might have a valid way to work around it that I am not aware of, and second, the support ticket can become escalated and nicely tracked :slight_smile:

For sure, the two tabs of Orchestrator can be solved by logging in via the private mode of the browser.

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