How to publish process directly to correct orchestrator tenant


I have development and test setup on one tenant and production on another tenant.
When I publish from test tenant to orchestrator, the process is of cause added to test orchestrator. But when I want to publish to production orchestrator I need to publish to a local folder and then upload process using web interface.
Is it possible to publish directly to a path on production tenant?

When I publish to a local folder there is only one file, while there in the orchestrator is a folder for the process, then a folder for the package version, and then 3 package files. Like below:

If it is possible, then I would also like to know how to do the same for libraries.

The direct publishing is based on where your studio / robot is connected to.

You would need to disconnect from your Test tenant and connect to your prod tenant by amending the settings.

So I would need a deployment license on my production tenant. I don’t want to pay for that

You should not do that!

Dev environment has Studio and Robot Licence. When you are completely sure that script is working than download process from Orch
UAT - Has only Robot licence and you need manually to do that transaction to upload process
PROD - has only unattended robot.

this way is designed with purpose of another manual check before publishing. What will happen if you accidentally publish to PROD?

In big teams this is not good, I know that where I work we don’t let this to happen…