How to enable Orchestrator - Tenant in an enterprise edition Studio?

When publishing Libraries to Orchestrator using Enterprise Studio, it always publishes them along with all the other ones that Orchestrator comes with (starting with AForge and others.) But when I use the Community Edition, The orchestrator has two options, “Orchestrator - Tenant” and “Orchestrator - Host”. The Host version is the one that comes with Orchestrator holding “AForge” etc but the"Orchestrator - Tenant" is empty and all libraries that I develop and publish go to Tenant. Thus they are separately stored on Orchestrator in a neat manner.

I want to have the same feature (Orchestrator - Tenant) when using Enterprise version of Studio and Orchestrator too (On-Prem). How can I make this happen?

You would need to create a new nuget feed to have them published within there.

How do I do that?


I figured it out. All you have to do is, publish your first library and from then onward, it will create the tenant option for you in studio.

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