Save file from chrome to specific location


so here is my problem:

In chrome i want to save a pdf file to a folder that i choose. the path is known and the robot knows it to because when i do a log off that variable it is shown correctly.

In my workflow you can see i want him to type the path but the robot does not do that. If I unselect empty field, clickbefore typing and simulaty type the robot will only type the last folder name and not the whole path.

Why not type the full path in the lower part of the window?



hi @seldo,

Take a String variable say StrPath and Assign it the Complete Path

strPath = "C:\Data\abc.pdf " and then add a Hotkey "ENTER"at the End in the typeinto itself by clicking the PLus Button.


Try adding a backslash at the end of the path:
“C:\Users\PNIE…”+Company +“\”

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