Specified folder doesn't exist in outlook

I am facing a issue in the activity “GetOutlookMailMessage” ,the specified folder doesn’t exist .I have tried different ways to resolve this ,but still not got any solution,can anyone help me with the same…Thanks In advance!!!

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Hi @Rajib_Behera

Do you want to get mails from inbox

If so

Could you please remove your mail id from “Account” field and add “Inbox ” in the MailFolder property and give a try.

Thanks For the solution,But I have already tried this way,and still facing the issue.

So basically you want to read inbox folder right ?

Kindly note that the folders are localized to the different languagues, Inbox, Posteingang

Whenever there is a doubt on the name (e.g. also for subfolders the path) then check it out in Outlook:

  • rightclick on folder
  • select Properties
  • refer to Location / path and checkout the details

We assume that you are not talking about folders from shared accounts

yes,but for any folder its not working.

My location is my email Address,anything to be changed?

is this right?

otherwise just test
AD name/Foldername

I have tried this way also,i.e. location/foldername but still getting the same error.

Check the path location.

For example, right-click on the needed folder

Then, you may double-check the permissions on that folder

In a Modern Design experience project, the workflow should look like this

In emails from:


For the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity, the MailFolder location should look like this:


In the For Each activity, the TypeArgument should be System.Net.Mail.MailMessage

Write Line (for a VB Language project):

"************" + vbCr  +   "Subject: " +  email.Subject + vbCr  + "Sender: " + email.SenderEmailAddress + vbCr  +  "Date: " + email.Date + vbCr + "Body: " + email.Body + vbCr

Let us know if this helped.