Specified folder does not exisit


I am using Get outlook Mail Message activity. Gave the Account Outlook ID in Input and Mailfolder to default, which is Inbox.

But when I am trying to debug the flow, it is showing error as “Specified folder does not exist”

Pls help me

Can you show some screenshots about the configuration for Get outlook Mail Message activity and the errors that you are encoutnering?

Below is the image of Properties Panel


And Error Message is

@Bharath_Kumar3 can you leave the “Folder” property empty? and see if it can get mail from Inbox

If you leave it blank, by default it should choose the “Inbox” folder

Hi Jack,

It is the default option only… I have not entered any value in Folder

Hi @Bharath_Kumar3 , Make sure you open a new folder under the inbox folder.

@Bharath_Kumar3 are you using organizational email where your email contains 2 inbox folder?

I am not using Organisational Outlook

Hi Betul,

It is not working either…

@please logoff and restart then login…maybe its work.

Try \Inbox instead of just Inbox