Special character " * " declared as a String value in a variable

I am having the following situation in UiPath Studio.
I declared a variable with a default value such as:
myVariable = “*”;

The thing is that when I want to use this variable in the activity “Type Into” basically the text box is not filled with this value.
In the text box I need to have this character *.

Could somebody explain me what is wrong or how should I do?

Hi @Daniel_DB, welcome to the Community.

Can you share the screenshot describing the variable declaration & type into property?

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Hi @Daniel_DB

Check this

Hope this helps

Hi @Daniel_DB

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In type into give like this and try



Here is the block of code with the “Assign” activity followed by “Type Into” activity.
The operatorVar is declared with the value * by default.
Type Into activity

And this is where I need to store the value:

Hi @Daniel_DB ,

The value for Type Into activity is empty. Could you try passing the operatorVar variable to it and check ?

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Thanks, after all there is no need to create any variable actually, but instead I can use the “Type this” text box and write what I need, in my example the * character.

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