Special charachters in send text and send activitiy

i noticed in one of my robots today there is an issue when writing text that contains square brackets.
If it contains a single square bracket “[” or “]” the robot may ignore all text after that bracket

The “[” is the most common and seems to affect nearly all text

E.G if passed “hello [ uipath world”

If text is enclosed in brackets “[” “]” it may ignore that word

E.G. “hello[uipath] world” will type as “hello world”

i was somewhat able to resolve this by

  1. escaping it using .replace(“[”,“[[”)

  2. sending windows messages (doesnt always work)

  3. there is also the nuclear option of removing all special charachters from your text using regex activitiy eg “[^a-zA-Z0-9 -]”

I’m wondering if there are any lists of charachters or combinations that cant be used , and if this is also a version issue.

I noticed other topics on the forums but it looks like some are now resolved

I am running v 18.4.3


I am not sure about old version as am using new version.

In New version I can’t see this kind of issue. If possible update studio to latest version and check it.

Hi @lakshman
Unfortunatly I am not able to update at this time. If they were known bugs I was hoping there might be a list of combinations somewhere , I didnt see anyting in past patch notes.

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Can you try with double quotes like “”[“”

Hope this helps


Hi @Srini84 , thanks I’ll check it out.
There are a few methods to clean the data in my original post but the issue is ,
if the data you are reading with the robot contains the charachter and you weren’t expecting it then you might loose data.
So we could build it into every write stage where it might possibly happen but as I dont know all possible scenarios this happens in we cant gaurentee it.
e.g imagine if you are reading an email or a form with a payment entry and then writing all values to an excel sheet .
If someone used [1000] vs 1000 your output would be completly out .

  • also I suppose you could put in a verification step to read back what was typed