Escaping special character square brackets "[" and "]"

Hello Expert,

I would like to type one sentence in notepad, this sentence includes special character “[“ and “]”. UiPath always ignore the information within “[“ and “]”.
For example, I would like to type “V[DOCNO]” into one notepad like this:
Then UiPath behavior is like this, missing the content between “[” and “]”.
Any suggestion to solve this issue?


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Hi @Cherry_Zhu,

In Type into activity can you use simulate type as the input method

Hello @anil5,

Thanks for the quick feedback, and it tested successfully in notepad.

But actually I want to type into cmd file, then it doesn’t work. It types into the title position (position 1), not in the mouse position (position 2). See picture:

Is it because the “Simulate Type” works in the background? Any suggestion?


With Type you need to double the opening square bracket. Otherwise it’s being interpreted as a special key sequence.


Hello @c.ciprian,
Thank you. This is exactly the solution.

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