Variable used in Type into has special character and erroring Special keys syntax error

Hi All,
I used “get text” to copy a certain text that has special characters and stored it into a variable ex:XYZ, Now when I use “Type into” and use that variable XYZ its causing “Special keys syntax error” as that variable has special characters in it.

Is there a way I can parse that variable without that error.

Hi @Karthick_Kumar_Ravishanka,

Can you try replacing special characters with Chr codes?



The following might help you.


I do have ] char also and multiple , How to replace both the character sets to char codes?
And should I write the code in Type Into or in some other function?

alternative is to just double all the opening brackets from [ to [[ then it should work. For closing brackets ] you can leave it as it is

you can do this to double all the opening brackets [


Hello @Karthick_Kumar_Ravishanka

Can you share a sample screenshot. If you have many unwanted stmbols in your extracted data then its better to use regex to extract only the required value from it.

Plz share a sample data to validate

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan ,
No I need the whole text without replacing… Its a json file and I want the whole file into the type into

  1. use read text file to read json file to txt (string variable)
  2. in type into activity use txt.Replace("[","[[")