Type into activity omitting square brackets and contents within it

Hi all,
I have a String that contains some value within square brackets e.g. abc[xyz], which I need to type using Type into activity.
Currently, the type into activity omits the entire square brackets with the contents within and prints the remaining characters. e.g. “abc” instead of “abc[xyz]”.

The same when stored as a string and is printed using write line or message box shows the correct output e.g. “abc[xyz]”

The strange issue is that when the string is saved as “abc[[xyz]”, the type into activity works fine; but the string value when printed using write line returns “abc[[xyz]”.

Is this the expected behavior? If not, could someone explain as to why this is happening?


Check here:



Just check the “Simulate Type” property and will work fine :slight_smile:

Here’s a workflow with an example:
typeIntoBrackets_Example.xaml (6.3 KB)

Hope It Helps!

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I keep getting this when using type into activity

how can i resolve this issue