Source or Destination Folder Missing

Hello guys,

So I am facing a problem after publishing my process onto orchestrator and running from it. When the process is on Debug mode, it throws no error and works fine.

My process starts in main.xaml where it used to take 2 directories from our Microsoft Teams Sharepoint. This was supposed to be temporary and not in the main publish. However, I did publish it in v1.01. Later I updated the directory with the “supposed to be” directory of local D drive.

After publishing this again, the error is still existing.

(In main.xaml, the process reads a file from a folder, if it is a multi page pdf, its splitting them into multiple pdfs and moving on to the next sequence, it is doing the rest of the activities with 1 file(page) each.

I have attached a screenshot of the error if it helps.


As per error in the copy folder activity the variable that you have used is blank…please use a log message before it and try logging the variables to check if data is present