Process works in my computer but not when I publish in orchestrator

Hello everyone,

I’ve done a project that works fine in my computer but when I publish in orchestrator and run from there, the process fails.

Do you have a solution or something I can try?

What is the error?

I’ve put the activities inside a try catch and the error is the message I put on catch

@joanamfp it would be better if you can share the error which you are getting in the.logs… Als whats the status of the job executed in orchestrator??is that failed??

The status is Faulted.

As I said before, the activities are inside a try catch and the message is the message I put on catch - Error during download.

@joanamfp No…i mean which activity is throwing the exception.

In the orchestrator log you can verify once.
Also are you teying to access any local files during execution???

I put log messages to verify the activity inside a try catch and it is a click activity.
I’m also saving an excel file in C:

@joanamfp is it a UIbased automation? and are you able to see th applications opening and failing to click?

it has clicks but cannot be with simulate click or send windows messages,
No, I just publish the process on orchestrator and then click run but the applications don’t appear on the screen, just the logs.

Does the targeted robot install in Service-Mode (Unattended robot)?

Reference: Installing the Robot

It is expected behavior if you installed the robot in User-Mode (Attended)