Published process not the same like in studio?

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This is my first post in this forum, so i first want to thank everyone for their great inputs! Helped us a lot so far, and i hope you have some advise for the following problem too! We hope to give something back if we get further in our experience.

the problem:

We designed a process, and published it to the orchestrator. We changed something in the process, and published it again. We Updated the Process in the orchestrator. Like this, we did several times.

As the process was getting more detailed, we recognized several unlogical things going on… But the failure-finding ist difficult, because the process is now acting different, always depending on where you start the process from…

For example: at the start the Bot (unattended) needs to check if there is a specific Email “unread” in the Mailaccount. If not, the process is aborted.

We started the process from Studio: works fine

We started the process from orchestrator: Process can not find the email (which is there ofcourse)

We started the process from a different server with studio: process works fine

We started the process again from orchestrator without changing anything: process is fine.

(this is just for understanding, not the only tested order,)

Another thing we recognized: in the process there is a list of Names in a ExcelSheet, who are the recievers of a email. For testing i deleted 4 of 5 names, and just let my name in the list. again we published the process, and updated the version on orchestrator… but the process did send the email to the 5 names. we could repeat the process several times.

so we think, there is a little thing we are doing wrong, concerning updates to orchestrator. as we work from several studio clients, going to the same folder for the process, that could be a reason. but we need help to find out what exactly is wrong.
Thank you in advance for your help!

I had a similar issue previously and found that I was in a different project folder… Check your project directory here

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then coming to the point
lets go one by one
for this, if we are able to run from being in studio then we would be surely able to run from orchestrator. For that kindly check whether correct process is updated with that sequence of activities and version for correct process is updated or not

and for this

it seems very clear that the correct file is not updated
–to ensure that once after publishing the first file to a orchestrator and if we want to edit the same package and its xaml go to this folder “C:/ProgramData/UiPath/Packages” where we will be able to find the last published nupkg file of that xaml
–copy that file and paste in a separate folder and extract that nupkg file so that will be getting all the subfiles in that nupkg file, that includes xaml, project.json, and other config files as well
–so now we can open the mail.xaml and do any changes in it or any other xaml of that project folder which is been now expanded
once after making the changes then we can publish that file to the orchestrator so that the right file will be published for sure…Kindly keep this as a procedure to do if we want to update any existing xaml file

hope this would help you
kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @mohab

Thank you for your answers! We think we found the failures.

We did not know, that the complete process-folder is published. So depending on what we want to achieve, we need to decide if the Excel-Table with Emailrecievers is in the folder, or at a place where you can make changes, without the need to publish the process again.

Additional to that confusion, the bot was too fast with the outlook processes, so sometimes there was no refresh yet. we did add a delay and outlook refresh to make sure to inbox is up to date.

thanks again!

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