How to open downloaded package from orchestrater in system

There is a Case where I have downloaded the package of my project from orchestrater → packages.
I have got these files from lib folder of downloaded nupkg file

I need to know where i will get the main file of my project from the downloaded package or how to open the project .

In windows - legacy Project there was a net45 folder where there was the main file . Now as there is only windows compatibility projects these folder is not available.


change .NUPKG to .ZIP
then Extract that ZIP


I received these files when extracted . How to open the main file . As main file is not available in these folders

open UiPath,
and open that Xmal in project section

XML file is showing only text…

Hi @Kevin_Palathuruthy, please check for the xamls in ‘Content’ folder of the extracted zip (below is the screenshot for reference).

If you do not see the xamls there, it could be because they were not included while publishing the package from studio as below. ‘Include Sources’ checkbox has to be selected before publishing with the new version. If not, the xamls are not visible when we download the package from the Orchestrator.

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