How to use Orchestrator's Version of package in uipath studio?

I downloaded package from Orchestrator. Format is .nupkg , I rename that package with .xaml and when I try to open that in studio it is giving me below error.

Can someone help me to uns=derstand how should I open and use that package in uipath studio?



Once when you downloaded the package it will be in .nupkg

Kindly change to .zip by renaming it

Next step unzip that zip file

Where you will find ur xamls and project.json in one of folders

Then you can open the project from uipath studio


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Package .nupkg downloaded from Orchestrator is always compressed or zip. If you want to open what inside I recommend you to either change the extension .nupkg to .zip and then unzip to see the whole project.
Or if you are connected to that Orchestrator, you can download and install on Uipath Assistant. Then the project will then be unzip inside your local .nuget folder

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Thanks for sharing

Thanks for explaning


Below post can give you more clarity on your requirement.

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