Downloading NUPKG File into Studio

Good morning,
I have successfully download the .nupkg file from Orchestrator and have saved it to a folder to upload into Studio.

I then go into Studio, settings, and manually add this package and source with corresponding name.

Package is added and available on left side of “Manage Packages”

But when going to this location, it is telling me there is no package found. The file itself was download directly from Orchestrator and the file type has not changed.

Would anybody be able to assist? Basically I have this automation on Orchestrator that I want to download the full package as is, and then open up in Studio so I can edit and make changes.



Change .nupkg to .zip and you can unzip the file. You will be able to see the code inside the lib → net folder. You can find all the xaml files and open it studio

@dylan.kelly please let me know if it works

Thank you! I am in the lib folder, but all files in this location are .dll

I did successfully unzip, and then used the lib folder as the source for the package add and still shows no package available (See screenshots Please)

Actually just found it, it was in the “content” folder. Thank you- your notes helped me locate

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