Something wrong when installing insights

when installing the insights, something wrong occurred, but i don’t know where. anyone can help me? :sob:error|631x499

What do the logs say?

Is everything up to date on the server? IIS etc

Sorry, I have no idea about updating IIS, but I have installed Ochestrator successfully. Because I am new here, I can’t upload files. Here is the log: insight Installer log - Google Docs

hey @metree, could you please provide the UiPathInsightsInstaller_TIMESTAMP_CommandExecuter log under
C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Temp for troubleshooting? That’s the most helpful log for us to debug. Please also make sure you have followed the instructions for certificates on our documentation

@Michelle_Yurovsky Thank you for your reminding, I find the reason. I have tried to install last week, but failed due to the disk remaining space, and some files remained in the disk. I succeed after stopp the runing service and delete the file of sisense.

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