Insights installation

I want to complete step by step instalation of insights,

i tried to full instalation its has failed at the end,its rollback fully.

please give some techical support or uipath fast support, in tech support there is no insights category

Hi @veera_g could you please provide the _commandexecutor log in the temp directory. Please also make sure you have followed the instructions for certificates on our documentation


I am installed orchestrator version 19.4 ,in this at the time of Insight instalation its not accet the port 443.

could you provide me solution …

If you are trying to install Insights on the same machine as Orchestrator this is not the correct topology. Insights and Orchestrator should be on separate machines. However, this specific error is because another site (orchestrator) is using the port you configured in the installer.


Just we want a testing the insights how to involved one, so any opt to check and change this port

Hi @veera_g the minimum orchestrator version that supports insights is 19.10.3. If you’re installing on 19.4, it will never work. You’ll need to upgrade your orchestrator

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