Insights Installation Error Getting Rolled back

Hi . I have a problem with the insights installation . I have setup the orchestrator in the server and while downloading onprem insights , it is getting rolled back after 81 % of downloading. I have attached the error snapshot . Please do help out.

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the log states, the http connection wasn’t established or authenticated. Make sure you check the event logs, you’ll find the error with more details. In this system, you might have to check with IT if any restriction are made to execute outbound http request

Hey @Swapna_Sivalingam

I hope you are entering the right identity server details at the initial steps of installations.

  1. Identity server details
  2. Insights DB details with proper host and SQL creds



Pls check this troubleshoot doc on installing insights

Cheers @Swapna_Sivalingam


I have checked for the logs in the orchestrator. Orchestrator loggs.txt (13.1 KB)

Please do check and help out to resolve the issue.

Thanks Nithin for your reply. I have checked for the details. The details. I entered are correct.

It looks like you’re having an issue with authenticating through the Identity Server. Did your token that you were using to authenticate expire by chance?

The insights installation takes more than 2 hrs to download. But the validation of the token is only 2 hrs.

We had the identity team extend the token duration to a longer time as of the 21.4.2 release. Please upgrade to that one and you should be all set.

Can you please help out how to upgrade the application? Is it enough to upgrade only the insights Or should upgrade with the Orchestrator.

Hi Swapna,

Please make sure that when you upgrade Insights it also matches the Orchestrator version. So if you upgrade Insights to 21.4.2, please also make sure Orchestrator is on the same version.

For instructions on how to upgrade, please find the documentation here: Upgrading