Somehow I am not getting the unread email from uipath

I have process where I am fetching OTP from unread email. sometimes I did not getting emails and sometimes able to get it. So, can someone explain why ?

I am using retry scope activity and trying to find email for 10 times.
Exchange scope activity.



Does the email box take a while to update, that’s why you only receive it sometimes?

I am giving enough time before this process. Any other reason of failing ?


Could you please show us a snap of your email activity with props displayed?


Let me know if you need anything else.


  • I guess the issue is not with the activity. Some times it would take some more time to deliver the emails to the outlook. So, when the bot is trying to process at this time it might not able to retrieve/read the emails.
  • Some times, the email delivers within a time hence the bot able to read it

  • You said few cases bot not able to read the email. Did you try to check mailbox at that point to know all the emails were delivered/not. If you are not then please check and let us know

  • Try doing some test run to make sure the activity is working fine. Send your mails to outlook first. Maker sure all the emails were delivered. Now, trigger the bot and see is it able to read all the emails or not
  • If no, that means we have to do something with the activity
  • Else, there might be some additional logic needed where the bot has to open mail box and refresh(3 times) then reading the emails
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I’ve tried and did test runs also checked emails are delivered. I think need to refresh outlook before getting emails in uipath.

Can you suggest how should I refresh outlook.


@PALKUMARI_PATEL Try below steps and see how it goes

  • Open outlook
  • Click on File at the top
  • Click on Options
  • Click on Advanced

  • Scroll down until you see Send and Receive button

  • Change the configurations like below and save the changes


  • Keep 5min delay before the bot read the emails from outlook and test the process
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Thanks @ushu
I think this will work because there is setup for every 30 minutes.
I changed it to every minute.

Since you are using Exchange it’s direct server integration which is not related to outlook I believe.

So, what solution I can use here ?

Did you try providing timeout ?

No, How to provide Timeout? You mean delay or something else?

No in the Exchange activity you have a property called timeout, By default it is 30s so increasing that may help.

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Will try that . Thank you

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