Unable to get unread mail from outlook inbox

Hi Guys!!!

I have a unread mail in outlook inbox. but my bot is unable to read that unread mail. I tried without giving account in get outlook activity & I directly hardcoded the folder as “Inbox” in get outlook activity. But still my bot is not reading the mail.

please help me to solve this!1



Did you check the unreadmails check box from option?

and if you have marked the mail as unread then make sure you move away from that mail…only then the unread is taken effect…


Hi @mohamedalthaf

Check out this below

• Make sure youhave latest installation the UiPath.Mail.Activities package and configured your Outlook account correctly

• Make sure you have checked the “OnlyUnreadMessages” property in the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity

• Make sure you have specified the correct MailFolder and Account properties in the Get Outlook Mail Messages activity

• Make sure you have enough memory and performance on your system to handle large volumes of emails. You can use the Top property to limit the number of messages retrieved


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There will be possibility for below scenario, Please check. .
1.If there is multiple ID sign in outlook , Pass the specific mail id info in get outlook activity from which bot will read mail.
2. Expect Inbox folder name in outlook there should not be another folder name(inbox), if its rename the file.
3.Increase the time in timeoutMS in get outlook activity. increase with atleast 1 or 2 min. .