Solution Design for a multiple process robot


Currently we have a robot that runs all the time, reads Outlook mails and based on the subject it does very different processes. This was done in order to minimize the costs because each of the processes require running all the time but have very low volumes, so instead of having a VM for each of them, there is just one VM containing all. Right now all of the processes are inside a flowchart with multiple decision points, basically copy-pasted there.

Is there an elegant solution to redo this robot while also maintaining the constrain of having a VM? The reason for wanting to try something different would be easier maintenance, better stability and scalability.

Sorry for not posting in the right Subforum or if the solution is obvious, I’m pretty new to RPA :slight_smile:

How many VM’s do you have?

Only one VM then then what’s the issue?

Okay, If you want to run in only one VM then all process should be in one Re-Framework, Else you can split to different VM’s also