UiPath Robot with multiple Executors

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on the UiPath Orchestrator documentation website page for physical deployment scenarios, it is mentioned that a single Robot can have multiple executors at a time. I had the understanding that a single Robot can only run one RPA solution at a time. This is very confusing, could someone please clarify the situations where a Robot might have multiple Executors.

Here is the screenshot from the UiPath documentation.

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Hi @haider8645

Actually, what this sentence is saying is that you can have multiple processes, but each needs to have a corresponding Executor (=1 robot can run only 1 process at a time)

However, with the introduction of Background processes, you will soon be able to run multiple attended automations on the same machine at the same time :slight_smile:

So this is specific only to a Windows server because only there one can have parallel login sessions? Multiple attended automations on the same machine? Wow that is cool :slight_smile:

I am not sure about the context of this bit of documentation, but as it is now, 1 user account can only run 1 process at the time. This means that to run more robots on 1 machine, this machine needs to support multiple simultaneous user sessions.

Thus, the only way to run multiple robots on 1 machine is to have a Windows Server with proper licenses that allows for multiple user sessions :slight_smile:

In that context, The UiPath Agent is a service that is installed per machine and supports all those simultaneous user sessions, each using it to run the process.

Having said all of that, the incoming versions will support running more than 1 robot on 1 user session :slight_smile:

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