Is it possiable to create more robots in single machine

please tell

There can be only one robot installed on a single machine but you can run multiple processes on single robot one by one.

Hi buddy…
Usually the hierarchy is like this

  1. One robot can be tagged with only machine
    And similarly one machine can be used by only one robot
  2. One robot can be used in many environment and similarly one environment can have many robots
  3. One robots can be tagged to any process, similarly one process can have any number of robots in int from which we can choose the one we need as the process is usually tagged with a environment that includes all the robot in that environment, so that we can choose from it while running a job

Thats all buddy
Hope this would help you
Cheers @160040870

Hi @palaniyappan ,
I have one doudt ,if i have 2 robot runing a single process and i want that only A robot do 1st activity
So i guess i have to check username in condition.
Can you please let me know what will be the condition or how can i achive this


At a time two processes can’t run in a single machine with same user account. It can be possible with different user accounts in same machine.

If you are using orchestrator and trying to run 2 processes in same machine and in that case second BOT will be in the queue. Once first process completed then second one will run.


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