Running Multiple process on Single system/Virtual Machine

Can any one suggest me how to Run Multiple process on Single system/Virtual Machine on same time.

I think you can run on the same system using multiple windows users.Limitation looks like 1 process/1 robot/1 session.

I’m not sure how efficient it is, but if you have multiple background automations(excel,word,db) you can create multiple xaml’s for that and invoke them through parallel activity. Give a try.

How multiple user session can be run in parallel on single window machine ?

Using RDP? (but i think it will be one robot / per session here, not single robot)

others can confirm.

There is no specific limitation, mostly a hardware one.

Also multiple sessions on same machine works only on Windows Server.

Can we run a single process by multiple Robots on single VM / Windows Server machine? Will SendKeyEvents not create any problem if two windows of same application are opened by the two robots ?

Windows is actually pretty good in separating user sessions, so you shouldn’t encounter issues in most cases.
Things to look out for:

  • This will be a High-Density setup, so requires specific licenses for those
  • Application itself might have issues (depending on how it’s build). Rare, but happens
  • Be careful while using local files, as you might have a conflict between robots (first one will open and lock the file, second one will throw an error as it can’t access it)
  • Be extra careful with anything regarding KillProcess and similar activities, as you don’t want the robot to f.e. kill all iexplore processes (make sure you only take those from current session)

So basically it’s more a design consideration than a technical limitation.

Hey , one more quick question I am using 2012 R2 server in High Density- i have two robots running and accessing Excel - one process/robot trying to kill the application ? what will be the impact of this action on another robot…
when i tried it my first bot which is trying to kill excel is facing the error?

Hey, if you are running two robots in one machine under two user then you have to kill the process per user or it will error out if you kill a process which is being used by another bot.

This post will help you.