SOAP Request Error


I’m trying to connect to APi by SOAP Activities. I’m using “SOAP Request” and type a required data:

and i’m getting the following error:

So I try the second approach (using this thread: SOAP Request - maybe HTTP Request - To Navision 2018 Soap webservice)

I’m using HTTP Request. Type my wsdl to EndPoint:


In SoapUI i have SOAPAction:

which I put in the header:


Request from SoapUI i’m converted to String and pasted in “Body”:


This method also doesn’t work.

Except for UIPath, everything works, but it doesn’t. Anyone have an idea?

It’s likely one or more of your Perl modules that the VI Perl SDK depends on where updated. There have been some ongoing problems with the VI Perl SDK, Crypt::SSLeay, and LWP.

The VI Perl SDK uses Crypt::SSLeay (to get non-verify certificate handling in the SSL handshake), so they force it in. But that lib is only maintained for backwards compatability, and LWP prefers IO::Socket::SSL (which requires you have some certificate handling against MiTM attacks, though you can pass SSL_VERIFY_NONE if you use the some client defaults in the library vs LWPs pass through ssl_opts).

I’ve also had problems with LWP 6.08? + VI Perl SDK. Some have had luck with LWP 6.03 (downgrade), others have had success with GAAS/libwww-perl-5.837.tar.gz . I built a raw, low level Perl lib around the SDK using LWP 6.08 + IO::Socket::SSL, no issues. So I suspect some of the protocol issues and extremely slow connection initialization issues being seen are from Crypt::SSLeay + newer LWP versions. Problem is the VI Perl SDK basically forces the use of Crypt::SSLeay.

What’s your version of LWP (libwww) installed?

perl -MLWP -e ‘print “$LWP::VERSION\n”’;

Where do I have to enter this command to check the library version?

In this video how I handle in UiPath Studio a SOAP API that works perfectly inside SoapUI.

0:54 SoapUI application used to test SOAP API
3:05 Test commands from SoapUI
4:30 How can we test SOAP API from Postman
5:50 In UiPath Studio you need to install Web.Activities
7:30 SOAP Request activity
9:30 Create a New Service inside of Library
11:10 RAW approach to SOAP API command
13:30 How we build a simple XML
15:00 Run the process that builds XML to see the result
15:20 Create a complex XML
16:30 Step by Step XML creation
20:10 Main element creation that also includes attributes
23:00 Test the complex XML creation
23:50 Deserialize XML
25:15 How to extract Data from XML Nodes
27:40 How to extract Data from XML Attributes

Cristian Negulescu