Error while working with SOAP protocol


I have been trying to learn about invoking web services through UiPath. So I downloaded the example from here. When I try to run this, I am getting the following error.
SOAP Request : There was an error downloading ‘’.
What could be the reason? My UiPath studio version is little old 2016.2.6379. Does it has got anything to do with the error.?
@ddpadil @ovi Hey Dilip and Viorela you guys might understand the reason for it.

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did you get solution

Unfortunately no @lawanyaram

a mi me pasa igual

Hi hawkins,
any luck?
@badita, @loginerror could you help on this ?. I am unable to make soap calls

Hi @jkrish1346

If you are on the latest Community Edition, you can give this new services function a try:

It will make your life easier when SOAP requests are considered.

Thanks @loginerror for the reply.

I am currently using 2018.1.4 version, could you please suggest any other solution?

Could you share the workflow ?

Hi @Hawkins,

First of all, the URL is giving 404 error…

Before trying it with UiPath, make sure the URL is giving the perfect tags of xml… If your WSDL URL is correct and you are trying to call the perfect service, then it will work for sure.

Here is the output of the working wsdl url in browser.

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Thanks @HareeshMR