SMTP Email Activity HTML IMG Tag Not Working

I am using the “Send SMTP Mail Message” activity and passing HTML as a string to the body of the email. I also made sure to check IsBodyHtml as true in the activity properties. I have my image file saved locally in the bot project folder in the “Data” folder where config is saved but my image will not appear in the emails. Is there a best practice for inserting images inside the body of an email in UiPath?

Thanks in advance!

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kindly have a view on this thread

Cheers @flexlutherr

@flexlutherr use a src tag in html and pass the location of your image in the html.

eg: "img src=“smiley.gif”

This is not working for me unfortunately.

I saw this thread earlier but the workflow was not working for me. Plus I was hoping there was an easier way because my bots send emails with company logos all the time.