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I have a path for screenshot image. I want to use it for email body. I added to path on html like this:

 "<img src=E:\...\deneme.png width=460 height=345>"

But when the email arrived,

How to fix this issue? How to change my html code?

Hi @Betul_Dundar

You can convert the image into a Base64 component & then send it in the email body. You can refer to the following resource for the same:

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Hi @Betul_Dundar,

When you attach an image and send it using SMTP Mail Activity ,the image gets blocked by mailboxes like GMAIL.
This is a known error.
To overcome this, you can use the new Use GMail workspace Send Mail activity to add your image and the image will not be blocked.
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Geetishree Rao

Hello @Betul_Dundar

Invoke Method:
TargetObject: mailMessage.Attachments
MethodName: Add
Parameters: “E:.…\deneme.png”, “image/png”, “inline”, “image1”

mailMessage.IsBodyHtml = True

mailMessage.Body = “

Send Outlook Mail Message:
Specify mailMessage and other details

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Dear @Betul_Dundar,

Try to keep your image source file in the main project folder instead in subfolders or somewhere.

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Manoj V

I suspect the main issue is you reference a file on the E drive.
The image is not uploaded to the email, only the link is sent, so on the target machine where the email is recieved if there is no matching file on the E drive then the image won’t display.

Most of the time when an email contains links to images they are hosted online so that anyone receiving it can view it. Hard coding in links to local files just doesn’t work unless you only want the emails internal and can ensure everyone can see the same file and the E drive is mapped consistently.


Image2Base64= "<img src="""" width=""900"" height=""600"" />"

Giving to Image2Base64 in mailbody it works!

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