How to send image through email using smtp activity?

Hello as i am working on email automation having few queries pas listed below please help me out.

How to configure for storing image in email body using smtp activity.

Once an email is sent can we get the status of the email and how ?

Also can we include hyperlink in email body.



have a view on this for more ideas

Cheers @Soundarya_Guduri1

Hello @Soundarya_Guduri1, is there any way to save the image in a variable and use it as an attachment in the SMTP Mail activity?

Let me know if this helps.

Thankyou @rodrigo.simao for your response

I want that image should get display inside the email body
, not through attachments

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Thankyou @Palaniyappan
I have tried this reference, but i didnt find solution.
Please share any sample workflow if you have

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Requirement is display image inside the email body using smtp activity.

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hi @Soundarya_Guduri1

check this out

hope this helps

Hi @Soundarya_Guduri1

Use Create HTML Content activity