How to add the images in SMTP mail body

I want to add the screenshot image in the SMTP email body.
could you please assist how to do that.




I don’t think you can embed a local image into email body, you can as an attachment though.You should have a prestep to upload your screenshot to a hosting site(tinyurl etc) and generate url which you can use in your email body(html enabled selected)


First use Take Screenshot command to get the screenshot and save in current path…

then take any string variable vStr="<html><img src=“”"></html>"

and use Send Outlook message activity in body mention this string name and in properties make sure you have check isBodyHtml Properties … Then image will be added in body of Email…

Hope it helps you…

Please be revert in case of problem:slight_smile:


but every time how can i add the image in hosting site. it will reduce the productivity of the application. and this will happen in 10 20 time in day.

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Did you try the above solution provided by @sankar.kuna?

I’m not sure if it works, but give a try.

yeah that does not work Properly , when i used @sankar.kuna solution , the person who get the mail , not getting proper image.

So tried to add the image with the help of content Id. and its works.
attached XAML file is the solution for the same.ImageInSMTPMailBody.xaml (13.6 KB)

*Indicate the Screen for capturing screenshot.




Glad it worked for you! still doesnt work for me in outlook, may be its blocked.

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I used SMTP send mail activity. but it should work with Outlook.:neutral_face:

For me also same Bro…May be having some issue with Outlook Activity

for outlook also it works for me. I think you forgot to add the image in attachment of the send outlook activity.

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I tried and improved upon the workflow provided by my colleague Suchi3190. It work’s perfectly. Thank you Suchita. PFA the workflow.

Regards,ImageInSMTPMailBody.xaml (19.4 KB)

Vikas Rawat


Attaching image to the body content is working fine, thanks for the information. @Suchi3190 Can you kindly share me the way to set an local image as mail body background.

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Hey all

I am trying the solution given above to use image in body, but not successful , attaching my XMAL, favour if any of you can check and suggest
.Outlook Body (35.2 KB)

Hello @ranjith could you attache the image as mentioned above.

Thank you Suchi! this was exactly the problem, the attachment has to be inserted in the outlook activity and path to the picture needs to be entered in value.

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My requirement is I want to send image through email body not an attachment.

When I used the outlooksendmessage with html code as described in #2. But the receiver is not able to view my image. He is getting message like “The linked image cannot be displayed.”


Hi Suchi,

I am using outlook send activity and want to shoe image in mail body.In outlook 2010 image appear properly but problem is with outlook 2013.
Can you please help me on this.

@Suchi3190, It works fine when I add one image. But when i try to add multiple images in the body using cont id the first added attachment is printing in all the place even though the cont id is different in html. Do you have an solution to this.

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