How to add image in create html content activity in the body?

im passing both the file path and base64 part none of them are showing in a image format in the mail , its showing me as a normal text, even the send outlook is having the IsHtml set to true

im passing both in the variables of the activity

Try using html tags like img inside the mail with src attribute and alt text

do i need to add the image path ? or do i use base64

Hi @indiedev91

Use the Create HTML Content activity in that you can create your body of the mail. Click on the Insert image and select the image file. It will show as an image in the body of the mail. In the Send outlook mail message activity. In the body option provide the output variable of Create HTML Content, and check the IsBodyHtml option.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Workflow →

Properties of send outlook mail message activity →

Hope it helps!!

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Try this article

Hi @indiedev91

  1. Take Send SMTP Mail Message Activity.
  2. Check IsBodyHtml from Acitvity Properties.
    3.* Assign all other details also like Server,Port,Email,Password.
  3. Use below template in Body. (Take as Example)
Check below image.<br>
<img src=Image.png><br><br>

4. In Attach Files Pass Same File Name.


Hope it will help you :slight_smile:

Hi @indiedev91
Use src attribute with value as the image path . My suggestion is place the image in your project directory and provide the name of the image and extension to src attribute.

Hope this helps

This worked and im passing varibale here , and its working the image is shwoing in the sent mail , but i check in inbox of mail the image dosent shows only a blank rectangle is showing up

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