Skipped process queue


Triggered the process queue daily in orchestrator, however it skipped few process and the trigger not running (4 days ago). why is this happened?
refer example:

Hi @ainaasyhda
I have come across similar issue once when Orchestrator was down due to some reason.

I believe you can review the Orchestrator audit logs to see if there’s any specific information about the skipped trigger, such as errors or warnings.

Thanks for your reply, so the reason is due to orchestrator was down.

I reviewed the audit log but none found the errors or warnings option. can u advised?

I’m not sure if that’s true in your case, but I have seen similar issues incases where 1)access issues on the server or environment where the process runs, which prevented trigger execution
2)Orchestrator was down/ temporary licence issues
Below are also other possible reasons
->error in time zone issues/daylight saving(I understand its not applicable in this case)
also Orchestrator’s capacity might be temporarily limited due to resource constraints (e.g., server load, network issues).

Just sharing my personal experience :slightly_smiling_face:

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