Input Text in Chrome

i have strage problem.

I have in an for each activity a type into in save dialog box comes from Chrome

I’ve already selected “simulate”

First time the automation done the type to , acitivity input text with simulate.

From second time automation doens’t use anymore the simulation but the normal type into and it is verryyyyyyyyy slow

I need to repeate this activities 200 times so it’s very time consuming.

It’s a bug of uipath or it’s my mistake?

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Hey @l.sambinelli

You mean you are choosing Simulate as input mode, but still the bot does it like Hardware Events is that right ?



Have a view on this!


yes !
this happens after first selection

ok i’ve found a solution.

i think it’s a bug a type into in a modern design.

I’ve try with type into (classic design) and simulation run for all item in for each

how can i report a bug?


Could you please post that error here?


i dont’ receve any error

type into activity (with modern desgin) in a for each loop
after the first type into doens’t use anymore simulation but hardware


without simulate is it working for next item?

if it is not working then the problem with the selectors.